Travel Accessories

As a travel addict, Ying Ying is always on the lookout for useful items that will make travel smoother and easier. Below is a list of items that have passed her travel test and she highly recommends!

Every product listed here either has been used by Ying Ying or she is currently using. If you make a purchase using the links included, she may earn a commission.

Sash Bags:

Ying Ying has heard about the Sash Bag for about a year or so before she finally bought one in 2019 and it really changed the way she carries her stuff! She no longer carries a purse as the Sash Bag really works.

In fact, she loved it so much, she bought a few more plus she signed up as an authorized reseller of Sash Bags!

Feel free to send Ying Ying a message if you have any questions about the Sash Bags!

From Amazon:

There are some really great finds on Amazon and also lots of disappointments. Below are some items that are part of Ying Ying’s traveling kit that really works.

KNIX: For people with periods

Period-proof panties!

THINX: For people with periods

Period-proof panties!

More things to come so check back regularly!